Topic: Running EA Studio On VPS

Hey guys,

Im looking for a VPS to run EA Studio on as I want to make it run alot quicker, currently I am just running 2 laptops which are nothing spectacular.

I have never used a VPS before so im wondring if anyone can help recommend what are some good hosts and what to look for for optimium performance. ie CPU threads RAM etc. Im not IT guru so I need a bit of help as to what will make EA Studio run faster.

Also is it a quite easy setup to get a VPS online? Can i use my IP adress if not what do I need to do?

Any help would be much appreciated!

PS currently running Chrome and Firefox (anything more than 2 instances will slow both PC's down considerably).

Re: Running EA Studio On VPS

Hello Michael,

The understanding of the strategy behavior, performance, stats and risks are much more important than the speed of the laptop. You may run EA Studio on almost any device and generate numerous experts. It is our job to make the software working. Hopefully, this part is more or less stabilized. However the more difficult part comes after, when you have the experts running. You have to decide which experts work well and how much capital to put on trading.

Re: Running EA Studio On VPS has great dedicated servers at unbeatable prices. Personally I´ve invested in a Threadripper 1950X CPU (16 cores, 32 threads and overclocked to 4 GHz) last year and am running 32 EA Studio instances in Firefox (actually "Lawlietfox" as this is a special optimized Firefox build and generates strategies faster than any other browser/build for me that I´ve tested). This maxes out my CPU 100% 24/7. Each instance takes about 800mb of RAM if using 32 years of H1 history data as I do. With those figures, you should be able to get yourself a matching dedicated server. Good luck.