Topic: FSB v2.8.1.2 Beta

Current Beta version of Forex Strategy Builder v2.8.1.2 is available for download.

There is a major change regarding the safety of the back test.

Forex Strategy Builder checks whether the entry logic rules specify correctly the direction of trade.
If there are entry orders whit equal entry price but with opposite direction of trade, the backtester cancels the orders and marks the bar as ambiguous.

Entry rule: Enter at Moving Average.
Exit rule: Exit at Bar Closing.

When the market price reaches the MA the program tries to send two entry orders: Buy at MA and Sell at MA. Since the direction of trade is not clear Forex Strategy Builder doesn't know what exactly order to execute first. The program cancels both orders and marks the bar as ambiguous one.

Full list of changes:
    * The program recognizes greater variety of ambiguous bars and incorrect logic;
    * Fixed issue with missing signal sell in overlapped fractals;
    * Fixed issue with closing ambiguity when the exit order price is equal to the bar closing price;
    * Added vertical shifts to Pivot Points, Previous High Low, Fractal and Round Number indicators;
    * Added more logic rules to the Stochastics indicator;
    * Added Narrow Range indicator (NR4, NR7);
    * Added Inside Bar indicator (IB)
    * Added Hourly High Low indicator - It measures the highest and the lowest price in a time interval

Download Links:

Not available any more.

Re: FSB v2.8.1.2 Beta

FSB v2.8.1.3 Beta

There are two options for the Pivot Points base price:
- Previous bar (default until FSB v2.8)
- Previous day (default value)


Not available for download.

Re: FSB v2.8.1.2 Beta

FSB v2.8.1.4 Beta

- Fixed Bug in Balance of Power indicator - Division by Zero;
- Fixed issue with slippage setting in Instrument Editor dialog;
- Added Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator and a demo strategy;
- Many another smaller issues fixed.


Not available for download.

Re: FSB v2.8.1.2 Beta

FSB v2.8.1.5 Beta

New settings of the strategy generator has been added:
  - Minimum number of trades (default 100:  opening + closing)
  - Maximum number of opening logic slots (default 2)
  - Maximum number of closing logic slots (default 1)


Not available for download.