Topic: Generating same strategies all the time

I am using the reactor to fill the "collection". If there are many I stop the reactor and move the best ones to the "portfolio" and delete the collection and start the reactor again.
But almost every time I get the same strategies again and again (same strategy numbers as well). Very seldom a new one.
I know there are billions over billions of possibilities for indicator combinations. Why does the reactor always produce the same ones?
Is there some potential to improve the randomizing?

In all other cases I enjoy using this piece of software!


Re: Generating same strategies all the time

This most likely happens because the range of profitable strategies for your specific pair / timeframe / time-range setting and your acceptance criteria lead to just a few specific strategies that work and are profitable as per your required metrics. The randomization of EA Studio is just fine, it´s your settings in this case. Try using another pair / different TF and you´ll see that it finds different ones.