Topic: EA still working???

New user is here.
After using the EA trial, I decided to purchase it and successfully set it up on last Saturday.
When I was using the trial version, it seems EA is working really fine.  However I encounter weird problem since upgrading it.
Since I had the access on Saturday, I ran the EA using my own broker data (75,000 bars for the 15 minutes) with the set up below:
1.  Strategy property: SL - always (default: 10-100 pips); TP - always (default:10-100 pips).
2.  Generator setting: default ( I only entered the 6000 minutes for the EA to run).
3.  Acceptance Criteria: default ( i only added : Profit factor 1.2).
4.  MC validation: default.
Those are the only settings I chose, and I let the EA ran since Saturday. It is so weird that, EA generated millions of strategies, but none is passed the validation.
Help please.

Re: EA still working???

EA Studio detects when a user is logged in in order to allow exporting Expert Advisors, however it doesn't make difference if it is a trial or a purchased account. This guarantee 100% realistic user experience before the purchase.

The most probable reason for the different results is in the settings. You can easily check if this is the case by temporary switching off the Acceptance Criteria or the Monte Carlo validation. if the program works fine, you can start switching on the different options. It can be a single param that make the difference.