Topic: EA Studio Exporting EA’s


When you finish using the generator or reactor and you have your strategies completed. I wanted to know is there a way to download all the EA’s at once?

Currently, i know you can click on each strategy and download individually. But i want to know is there a way to download ALL EA’s at once.

The download button only lets me download a .json image for all EA’s, but i want to be able to download all EA’s in mql4 format using one click.

Is this possible? If possible please add images explaining how to do this.

Thank you so much!

Re: EA Studio Exporting EA’s

Currently we cannot do that because the browser complains that a website tries to do multiple downloads. It may lead to adding EA Studio to the Google's black lists.

A possible solution will be to make it possible to ZIP the experts in one file before the the download. It may happen either on the Browser (though I don't have a clean JavaScript zipper) or the app to send the experts to the server for building the download file. I'll provide such possibility at some time.