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I was wondering if it was possible to import historical data from Metatrader 5 into FSB Pro?

I have managed to import data from Metatrader 4, but there isn't much data so I tried doing the same from Metatrader 5 instead, but FSB Pro doesn't seem to recognise/load the files.

Sorry if this has already been covered somewhere on the forum, I tried searching and looking through all the tutorial videos without any success.

Many Thanks,

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Re: Importing MT5 historical data into FSB Pro

Hello filip your welcome!

When you save the data from metatrader 5 it exports one extra column for "Volume" and there is a easy fix, just delete that colum.

  • Search ",0" and replace it for a empty string ""

  • Use the script that I'll provide and attach it to the chart

Test it and please reply if it work's, enjoy the software, see you soon

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Re: Importing MT5 historical data into FSB Pro

Thank you very much ViniQ, this has solved my issue!