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Topic: EA Studio Data Export.mq4. What is the commission for Yen Account?

We use two files to export data from Metatrader

MetaTrader 4: EA Studio Data Export.mq4
MetaTrader 5: EA Studio Data Export.mq5

Question 1: If spread is 0 then the CURRENT currency spread is used.
                    i.e. if spread is 8 points, it is the one which is used.
                    Am I correct?

Question 2: The commission in currency default value is 10.
                    Does this mean 5$+5$=10$ for one Lot, for Open and Close Total commission?

Question 3: I have a Japanese Yen account.
                    I use a value for commission parameter around 600+600= 1200 yen.
                    Is it Correct?

Thanks In advance.