Topic: Exit rule Day-Closing 2

In testing the program, I noticed the following:

For the exit rule Day-Closing 2 - I use the time "daily 22:55 closed" - the trading journal (Excel spreadsheet) generally indicates the time 23:55. The calculation also takes place at this time. So the entered exit time in FSB is not converted correctly.

The time frame is used 5 min. However, the EA implements the specified exit time exactly. Thus, unfortunately, there are deviations.

Where is the mistake or what am I doing wrong?

Re: Exit rule Day-Closing 2

Day Closing 2 is designed to work for brokers, that stop trading at around midnight because of the rollover calculations.
It executes the exit at the predefined time only at MetaTrader. It closes at midnight during the backtest. Day Closing 2 is provided as an workaround for this particular case.

Re: Exit rule Day-Closing 2

You can find the "Exit Time"  custom indicator in the FSB Pro Library.

You can set the exact exit time (for example 23:55) and it will work in both FSB Pro backtester and in MT.