Topic: MFM7 errors

Hello Guys

Sorry to bother you but I´m having trouble trying to start my MFM7 and those guys from support over there are not helping at all.

2018.08.28 22:13:39.401    MFM7 EURAUDk,M15: uninit reason 8
2018.08.28 22:13:39.401    MFM7 EURAUDk,M15: not initialized
2018.08.28 22:13:39.400    MFM7 EURAUDk,M15: zero divide in 'functions.mqh' (392,100)
2018.08.28 22:13:38.758    MFM7 EURAUDk,M15 inputs: BASIC_SETTINGS=BASIC SETTINGS; Account_ID=2113988; Lot_Size=0.0; Lot_Multiplier=1.0; Download_Settings=true; DOWNLOADED_SETTINGS=DOWNLOADED SETTINGS; Trading=true; Strictness=20; iMax_Spread=9.0; Time_Start=1400; Time_End=1900; Time_Even=1900; Time_Cut=100; ADVANCED_SETTINGS=ADVANCED SETTINGS; Magic_Number=7777777; Trade_Comment=MFM7; Stop_Loss=1.0; Safe_Margin=30; Decimals=0; Trade_Sunday=true; Trade_Friday=false; Session_Break_Even=true; Max_Trades_Per_Session=1; Max_Correlated_T

Can somebody please help me?


Re: MFM7 errors

MFM7 ? I have no idea what it is.

Re: MFM7 errors

MFM7 is the name of his EA - there looks to be a calculation error somewhere (Zero divide in 'functions.mqh')
The setup of this EA doesnt look like EASTudio.

Better to take it to the MQL forums Amer