Topic: Strategies Shown


Let's say the following:

  • the generator of either FSB or EAS is running

  • the generator has produced 100 strategies

  • the strategies are in the collection

  • the collection is sorted by Net Balance

When it produces the 101st strategy, will it bump out a strategy of lower Net Balance, and put the new strategy in the collection?

In other words, is what makes it in the collection, the first 100 strategies created?  Or is it of all strategies created, the best 100, relative to Net Balance, are put into the collection?



Re: Strategies Shown

In the case of FSB there is a generator setting called "Search best" -- this is unrelated to sorting a collection.  If it is set to "Net Balance" then your first guess is correct -- the 101st strategy gets inserted into the collection and the worst member of the collection drops off.  There will never be more than 100 strategies in the collection.  And I think EA Studio behaves similarly.