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Two weeks studding Computer Science 18 hours per day. Some friends came home to check me because my phone went of of power 4 days ago and all my social nets are off.  Hopefully I have better understanding on what is going on. My experiments produced a Scheme interpreter in Scheme:, which is of course absolutely useless. Anyway, my goal is to search for opportunities to develop an easy script language for programming indicators. Imagine if we can make a custom indicator with 5 - 10 lines of easy commands, which can be used in EA Studio for generating experts and than exported to MetaTrader. I may consider something like the Easy Language by TradeStation. Of course I have to write compilers in TypeScript for EA Studio, in C# for FSB pro and in MQL for MT, but what is more fun than that?

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to do what I like most! You are an excellent community and great people!

Re: Looking at Scheme for a custom indicators language

probably you have become quite skilled with the EASL.

Did I understand that you plan to develop a way for us to create custom indicators for EASTUDIO?

That would probably help many users if it is possible

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

Re: Looking at Scheme for a custom indicators language

EASl becomes more powerful than I initially expected. Unfortunately, it appeared that EASL is not suitable for custom indicators. The language incorporates advanced programming techniques, including some ideas that I was able to fully understand only with the help of developing the EASl virtual machine. Of course, I don't expect regular users to spend their time learning another programming language. EASL has more academical than practical usage.

Now I see these options:
- developing much simpler language specially designed for custom indicators.
- creating a JavaScript implementer of a subset of MQL to use the same code in EA Studio and MT.
- implementing a subset of WebAssembly in EA Studio with "humanised" syntax and correspondingly an MQL runner.

Anyway, I actively work on improving the Reactor now. I'll have an update at the middle of Jun, which will fix some current quirks and will provide more customisation.

Re: Looking at Scheme for a custom indicators language

Have you any News over your Hedge Projekt Miroslav?