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Topic: FX Sumo Trading Signals


FX Sumo represents a group of reliable forex trading signals developped by the industry specialists. Most of these signals are based on multi-currency trading strategies, performed by Expert Advisors (robots). All of these strategies have been tested on the dataset of the last 14 years, including breakdown of CHF, Greek debt Crisis, Brexit, election of Trumph and other major events. On everyday basis these robots are being monitored by our team, ensuring the best possible experience to our followers.

Both of currently available trading signals can be copied through MQL5 platform:

Detailed comparison of both trading signals can be found in FX Sumo homepage:

If You have any other questions, feel free to approach me via e-mail or twitter:
investinfxsumo@gmail.com or @fx_sumo

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Re: FX Sumo Trading Signals


The month of July was quite entertaining – normally low market volatility was interruped by days of erratic price movements. This type of market behaviour caused not only inconsistent performances of the top, most subscribed, trading signals, but also negatively affected our own signals.

Here is my take on how 15 most-subscribed signal performances measure against 2 of our own in the month of July:

Re: FX Sumo Trading Signals

Mid-August Outlook by @fx_sumo :
a)look back on July’s update;

b)briefly analyze current top-signals

c)TwilightProfitEA vs Safety Dragon;

d)provide short updates to our own trading strategies
Hope You will enjoy!:)