Topic: Working on "Preset Indicators" for the EA Studio's Generator.

Hello Traders,

I'm currently working on expanding the Generator of EA Studio. I want to make it possible to pre-set entry indicators for the Generator. It will work like the FSB Pro "locked" indicators.

The "back-end" part of the feature is ready. I can set 1 or 2 entry indicators and the Generator and Reactor use them in all produced strategies.

I'm wandering how to proceed with the User Interface. My first idea was to add a proper dialog in the Generator, but I decided that it will be too overwhelming.

I may add an option in the Generator's Settings like that:   

I'll create a separate page under Tools - "Preset indicators" where it will be possible to set the mandatory entry indicators with their parameters.

Re: Working on "Preset Indicators" for the EA Studio's Generator.

Actually the development is going very well.

I can preset up to 2 entry rules:

Than the Generator creates only strategies that has these rules.

This function will have more sense when I add more special indicators, like "Entry Time" for an example.