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I encountered this issue and found the solution to it. I think it's something that should be added as either a bug to be resolved OR as a note to customers.

When installing FSB Pro on Windows 10, the installation will proceed normally. After installation, FSB pro will randomly crashes with the pop-up asking to send data to ForexSoftware. This will go on over and over again. Crash can happens during strategy building or using the EA generator (which generator will stop)

Won't tell you what is the error either.

After trial and error, including installing on multiple Win10 to test out solutions - install VC++ 2010 x64. The FSB Pro will install 32-bit by default and it does not work well with Win10.

Hope this one helps out all.

Re: Windows 10 & FSB Pro

The program, must work without crashes.

I recently found a minor bug in the William's Percent Range indicator and will upload a fix once I update the program's code Signing Certificate. On the other hands I'm not aware of open bugs that can cause crashes. Please disable the custom indicators and try to use the integrated Demo Data. Then you can try with your data and indicators. You may find what causes the crashes.

Re: Windows 10 & FSB Pro

hi Popov

I'm testing on a vanilla Win10 and FSB (new install). The crashes stop when VC++ 2010 x64 is installed.

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Thank you for the report.

I'll add it in the installation package.