Topic: Find FSB Pro Expert's Magic number

thank you for the info, but it is not what I'm asking for ;-)

- I run a Portfolio of strategy created with FSB on a demo/test MT4 account
- After some time, I list strategies that perform best, for this I use FXBlue, that shows me top performing strategies with their associated Magic Number
- Now, I'd like to setup these well performing strategies on my real account, by creating seperate EA (not Portfolio)
- I go back to FSB to create the EA, but today I'm not able to find these strategies, because I don't have the Magic Number visible, and I don't know another way to find them...

Maybe I'm not working the right way, hope you'll understand my need ;-)

Thanks again for your support...


Re: Find FSB Pro Expert's Magic number

Do you have the originally exported files? They have the Magic Number preset like in the image below:

You can open all experts in an editor like Notepad++ and to search the Magic number in all files form Search -> Find in Files