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Topic: Generator pauses if window is minimized / tab not active

Hi Dr. Popov,

I´ve noticed that the generator (or whatever currently runs) pauses if the Expert Advisor Studio window is minimized (if running it in "desktop-app-mode") / not the active tab anymore (if running it directly within the browser). This happens in Chrome and in Firefox, indepdent of each other. In both browsers I have allowed the "run apps in the background" option, but it makes no difference. According to a friend of mine, who also programs web-apps, it´s something that the developer of the app controls. You basically have to set a system-variable to allow it running even if the window is minimized / tab not active. That would help a lot, as especially if running multiple instances and if using the "back to desktop" button within Windows, the windows get minimized over and over again and I have to bring back each window manually so that it continues working....


Re: Generator pauses if window is minimized / tab not active

I'm not aware of such option.

If you have more info, please share with us and I'll add it in EA Studio.

For best performance I'm opening several instances of the browser and leave them working without minimizing. You can drag the windows down or to the side to leave space on your desktop, if you don't have two monitors.

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Re: Generator pauses if window is minimized / tab not active

Thanks for looking into it, I´ve solved the problem now (background tabs throttling needs to be disabled), here is a tutorial how to do it for Chrome / Opera:

https://www.askvg.com/how-to-enable-dis … -browsers/

Re: Generator pauses if window is minimized / tab not active

After a few more tests, my above tip makes it better, but not perfect, it still throttles a lot if minimized. The best solution I´ve found, is to use Windows 10 Virtual Desktop. This way it does not collide with my workflow which involves using the "back to desktop" button at the lower right corner a lot and hence minimizes all EA Studio windows each time I click it. However, by simply using a second desktop just for the EA Studio windows, it´s easy to keep this working nicely all together: