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Forex Forum → Premium Club → Compatibility table EAS vs FSB {February 2018}

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Topic: Compatibility table EAS vs FSB {February 2018}

Hello forexsb fam

Today I was doing my usual research using FSB
and exporting the generated strategies to EAS ( I love eas )

I've found that some indicators are fully compatible in both softwares for opening logic condition


  • Accumulation Distribuition

  • ADX

  • Alligator

  • Average True Range

  • Awesome Oscillator

  • Bears Power

  • Bulls Power

  • Commodity Channel Index

  • Force Index

  • Momentum

  • Money Flow Index

  • Moving Average

  • Moving Average of Oscillator

  • Moving Averages Crossover

  • On Balance Volume

  • RSI

  • Standard Deviation

  • Volumes

As confidential information I'll share just with you the reader of this topic...
A trade bird has told me that Popov is working on the new version of FSB Pro that will bring compatibility between both engines (eas and fsb)... While the feature is not ready you can use your FSB instance with these indicators listed above in both platforms successfully wink

Trade safe and give me your feedback smile
Cheers from BR

Vinicius Pereira, Portuguese Support. Olá eu falo português! Se precisar de ajuda entre em contato segunda à sexta: 09:00-18:00 (-3 GMT); via direct MP, e-mail ou acesse (Pt) Grupo Telegram;

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Forex Forum → Premium Club → Compatibility table EAS vs FSB {February 2018}

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