Topic: Equity Drawdown in Currency

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A new version of EA Studio is uploaded. It introduces Equity Drawdown in Currency as a backtest stats parameter and an Acceptance Criteria metric.

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Re: Equity Drawdown in Currency

Mr Popov - I don't have anything showing now under 'Max drawdown' in the collection strategies when generating with the new Trailing Stop Loss feature.
Am I missing something or is that a bug?

PS I re-imported my collection and I now have 0.00 GBP (X%) against 'Max drawdown'. I assume this is a function of generating strategies whilst you are updating EA Studio?

Re: Equity Drawdown in Currency

It is because this metric was not available before and it is not set in your old collection records. Please use the "Recalculate" button to recalculate the collection and the Max Drawdown will appear.

Re: Equity Drawdown in Currency

Now both "dollar" and per cent equity drawdown are shown.