Topic: Trailing Stop Loss

Hello Traders,

You can create strategies with a Trailing Stop Loss with Expert Advisor Studio.

This option is available in the Generator, where you can choose one of three possibilities: Fixed, Trailing, Fixed or Trailing.

You can also set the SL type in the Editor. Three options are available there: Not used, Fixed, Trailing.

The SL and TP are shown also on the indicator chart.

The Trailing Stop Loss works on all kind of experts created by EA Studio - MQL4, MQL5, Portfolio Expert.

The Trailing Stop trails ones per bar at a new High or Low. This is valid for EA Studio, the MT Tester and the live trading.

Please test it carefully and report all issues.

Re: Trailing Stop Loss

Another one to the list! Sure that it will please many users big_smile

EAS is the best software, Keep the excellent work! Best wishes from Brazil smile

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Re: Trailing Stop Loss

Another exciting development.
Thank you Mr Popov.