Topic: Miroslav, you could not add new features to the FSB professional.

How to combine the conditions of 2 or more trading systems (for example, H4 and M15)
For example, the trading system 1 is generated on H4. The system has its own input and output conditions. The same is generated by the trading system 2 on m 15. How to make the trading system on m15 start working, provided that the transaction on system 1 on Н4  is concluded and the trading system terminated its work and closed all transactions provided that the transaction in system 1 is closed.

I do not have a programming language. But where can I see the functions of indicators that are assigned to the program.? For example, knowing the function of indicators, I could try to implement it in the program of the EAG 6.
For example, setting all the conditions for the trading system on H4, with the magic number 1, I would also specify the trading system 2 M15, but it would only work if the order with magic number 1 is exist.