Topic: failed to delete a text label - error code = 4202

i get the above message while backtesting the attached strategy. i tried googleing it but could not get any useful information. is  this a problem with the strategy or mt4.

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Re: failed to delete a text label - error code = 4202

The export shows info in the MetaTrader charts in "text labels". The EA cleans the text of these labels on exit.
Do you noticed anything unusual when you run on stop the expert? Such error normally shows that the expert was not correctly initialized or crashed.

I'm on business trip at the moment and don't have a FSB Pro installed on the machine I'm writing now for testing. Please post more info or error messages the EA produces. Is it happens every time you run this expert? Do the other experts work normally?

Re: failed to delete a text label - error code = 4202

HI Popov,

I have exported and tested more than 10 experts but face issues with only two. I have posted the other issue in the help and support section. ( the expert uses 50 bars is the error message).

the only thing common between the two experts is that i used the percentage of account criterion and then saved the expert back to fixed lots as the percentage of account did not work. I deleted the expert, saved in FXsbpro and exported again.. not sure if this could have anything to do with the errors.

I also want to add that expert advisor studio experts have no issues at all(even the portfolio) and results are much closer ! Do you intend to add a percentage of account there.. that would be great additional feature.