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Topic: A short success story with EA Studio - a motivation for all students

Hello, I am a student with EA studio only since 6 weeks and I want to say that this EA Studio tool is amazing. I spend many times in every weekends to study this tool and in creating good strategies.

So for my own surprise yesterday I start in a new week with some changes in the strategy portfolio and this awesome tool generates more as +800 Pips IN ONLY ONE DAY on my live account with a very small lot size (0.01), how greate is that?
I trade 15 pairs with 125 strategies at the same time and only on one MT4 platform without any performance or execution problems.

Here is a great thanks back to Mr. Popov for developing great coding behinde the EA studio generator.

Sor for me the EA studio works great in opening the right trades, but how is the EA studio handle and execute closing the profit trades into my account balance? This can be anaother story, but at a moment (you can see this in the attachment) are 52 trades are open running on my live account and I will share the results at the end of this week. I will not change anything in the strategies manually, it will run 100% automatically as the EA Studio created.

Regards Chris

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Re: A short success story with EA Studio - a motivation for all students

Thank you Christian for the wonderful feedback!

Please trade carefully on a live account and risk only money you can afford to loose.