Topic: EA Studio vs MT4 bactest

I am using the same date and spread in MT4 backtest and EA results are different.
Is this normal?

Re: EA Studio vs MT4 bactest

What do you mean by "different" several cents or hundreds of dollars?

The result must be very near. Do you have the same commission? Please examine several deals to find the reason. Try also with different testing methods in MT.


Be also sure that you have the exact start and end of the backtest. MT tester may have one more or less deal, which may make the difference. You may play with the EA Studio backtest settings. Please check if MT Tester executes your SL and TP correctly. Sometimes it very weird.

With some adjustments you can receive full equality:

Please post all details from both apps in order to find the discrepancy.

Re: EA Studio vs MT4 bactest

Will do detailed analysis and post soon. Thanks for your hard work.