Topic: Indicators

I am aware that tons of information is available online but wanted to check with you for TREND REVERSAL indicators or combination of more than one that you use or feel that produced good results.

MA Crossover is one but is lagging..maybe use that with another one to improve results.

Looking forward to hearing from all on this one.


Re: Indicators

Most of the oscillators will show a reversal, some candle indicators will help. Trendlines, long stochastics, volume.

What do you use when you are trading manually?

If you are really interested in this, open some charts and slap a bunch of different indicators on them and observe their behaviour.

This is a question that you will have to develop answers for by your own experience and observation from charts.

If there was one excellent answer. then we would all know it and be quite profitable.

The indicator that I use most often is the Donchian Channel as it indicates supply and demand.

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