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Topic: Add a trailing stop into EA portfolio

Hi, can someone help how and where I can add the trailing stop in the EA portfolio coding?

For example when EA is 50 pips in profit start trailing stop 30 pips below the actually price.

Maybe in next time it is automatically included when we save the EA portfolio.

Re: Add a trailing stop into EA portfolio

Adding a trailing stop will change the strategy behavior and the trading will not correspond to the backtest. This may reduce the strategy performance.

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Re: Add a trailing stop into EA portfolio

OK I understand your concerns. But I will test the EA portfolio with a trailing stop like that if I can get a better performance or not, it will be really helpful, but of course on my own risk:

//---TrailingStop     ----//
static input stringTSName1     = "Trailing Stop Limit"; 
static input bool   UseTrailingStop    = True; // Use Trailing Stop, True (Yes) or False (Not)
static input double TrailingStop       = 35.0; // If Use Trailing Stop True, default value 35
static input double TrailingStopStep   = 5.0;  // Input Trailing Stop Step Value (default 5.0)

Thanks for helping anyone..