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If I use a filter while generator or reactor is logs me out.
I will choose minimum drawdown % and enter 4 and it will log me out.
Hope you can replicate and fix...thanks

Re: EA Studio logs out

I cannot replicate this problem.

Please reload the app with Ctrl + F5. Recalculate the strategy for any case.

If you still have this problem, please open the browser console with F12 and send me the errors, if any.

If you can reproduce it, please write the exact steps from loading EA Studio.

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Re: EA Studio logs out

Please see the video. I press ENTER after typing the number and this happens. The console is saying "slow connection" but I get the same when using EA Studio on VPS. I don't get the slow connection in console but the same thing happens.!AnRfl_8cAnHNhOVW8CHgpM7kAjqRdw
Since I logout and login so it is not logging me out. If I have the page open for a long time..I can work on it but logs me out when filter is applied.

I have tried it on windows and mac and the same behavior.

Re: EA Studio logs out

Yes, you are right. It is because of the "Enter" and the browser reloads the page. I'll fix it.

I normally only click out of the numeric box to make the collection redraw and that's why I haven't noticed that issue.

Thank you for the report.

Re: EA Studio logs out

The problem is fixed. You are right that some browsers (Edge for example) require Enter hit in order to apply the changes of the values.