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Topic: Closing Trades

I have a big issue with EAs not closing trades when (in my opinion) they should close the trade. I understand that the closing logic is built in and the EA being code will follow that.

I will give you a few examples that happen to me and I am sure others face this also.

1. The trade is profitable and making money but the EA won's close it and will close it at a loss. Meaning it will stay in profit and then the market will move in the opposite direction and it will close the trade at a loss (not always but sometimes).
2. I have an EA that is based on Donchian and the trade was 35 pips in profit and now is 70 pips in loss. There is no TP and SL. I have money management so not worried there. I have had 100% success with this EA (a lot of stagnation as trades only close at signals) but at times I wish that there was a way to capitalize on situations that are profitable.

Please see screenshot....trade opened SELL..and look where the signal was given to close. There is perfect opportunity for market to recover but the trades is closed at a loss.

What is everyone else doing?? I love the simple MA strategies but closing the trades at the right time and building logic is still elusive.

Maybe some of the experienced traders can share links to learning material to incorporate better closing logics in our EAs.

Love EA Studio but adding filters, Trailing stops etc is not possible for someone like me. If only EA studio EAs could be opened in FSB.

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