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Forex Forum → Help and Support → FSB history data import problems

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Topic: FSB history data import problems

Recently purchased FSB.

Importing history data on 1 minute charts is not working right for several currency pairs. Only imports around 2000 bars (except for Usdchf).When I look in the MT4 history center, show there are about 65000 bars (3 months). It's like its stuck on the initial import before I went to the charts and scrolled back as far as i could to force loading of bars from the broker. What can the problem be and how do i get it to work right?

Start importing 71 data files.

Importing: EURUSD1.hst
EURUSD M1 - bars: 2064

Importing: EURUSD10080.hst
EURUSD W1 - bars: 104

Importing: EURUSD1440.hst
EURUSD D1 - bars: 515

Importing: EURUSD15.hst
EURUSD M15 - bars: 22091

Importing: EURUSD240.hst
EURUSD H4 - bars: 3090

Importing: EURUSD30.hst
EURUSD M30 - bars: 2067

Importing: EURUSD43200.hst
EURUSD MN1 - bars: 24

Importing: EURUSD5.hst
EURUSD M5 - bars: 56863

Importing: EURUSD60.hst
EURUSD H1 - bars: 2048

Importing: GBPUSD1.hst
GBPUSD M1 - bars: 2051

Importing: GBPUSD10080.hst
GBPUSD W1 - bars: 104

Importing: GBPUSD1440.hst
GBPUSD D1 - bars: 515

Importing: GBPUSD15.hst
GBPUSD M15 - bars: 22181

Importing: GBPUSD240.hst
GBPUSD H4 - bars: 3096

Importing: GBPUSD30.hst
GBPUSD M30 - bars: 3301

Importing: GBPUSD43200.hst
GBPUSD MN1 - bars: 24

Importing: GBPUSD5.hst
GBPUSD M5 - bars: 58081

Importing: GBPUSD60.hst
GBPUSD H1 - bars: 3291

Importing: USDCHF1.hst
USDCHF M1 - bars: 65343

Importing: USDCHF10080.hst
USDCHF W1 - bars: 104

Importing: USDCHF1440.hst
USDCHF D1 - bars: 515

Importing: USDCHF15.hst
USDCHF M15 - bars: 21803

Importing: USDCHF240.hst
USDCHF H4 - bars: 3090

Importing: USDCHF30.hst
USDCHF M30 - bars: 15206

Importing: USDCHF43200.hst
USDCHF MN1 - bars: 24

Importing: USDCHF5.hst
USDCHF M5 - bars: 55814

Importing: USDCHF60.hst
USDCHF H1 - bars: 11619

Importing: USDJPY1.hst
USDJPY M1 - bars: 2073

Importing: USDJPY10080.hst
USDJPY W1 - bars: 104

Importing: USDJPY1440.hst
USDJPY D1 - bars: 515

Importing: USDJPY15.hst
USDJPY M15 - bars: 22091

Importing: USDJPY240.hst
USDJPY H4 - bars: 3090

Importing: USDJPY30.hst
USDJPY M30 - bars: 2066

Importing: USDJPY43200.hst
USDJPY MN1 - bars: 24

Importing: USDJPY5.hst
USDJPY M5 - bars: 56479

Importing: USDJPY60.hst
USDJPY H1 - bars: 2048

Import completed.

2 (edited by Irmantas 2017-12-20 13:52:13)

Re: FSB history data import problems

Hi, probably there is a limit set to 20 000 in data horizon. smile

You will need to search instructions in this forum how to rise to more bars than 50k, this setting file is in somewhere FSB directory. Hope it helps and have a nice day

P.S. I misread 2000 to 20 000 ... so probably this is not the case then. It can be that your broker does not give more bars. I have same issue, so I am forced to use different broker data.

Re: FSB history data import problems

It's set to 300,000, but it imported more than 2K on some:

Importing: USDCHF1.hst
USDCHF M1 - bars: 65343

also i can set in Mt4 history center that i have about 65k on GU 1 minute.

Re: FSB history data import problems

MT has some strange behaviour regarding hist HST files. You have to manually visit the charts with all Symbols and Periods and to force it to load all data by holding the "home" key (only first time).

Than you have to close and reopen MT.

You can try asking in the MQL forums for that, but you have probably a better chance of a good response if you ask your grandma.

5 (edited by MikeK 2017-12-27 02:07:40)

Re: FSB history data import problems

Turned out it works when you shut down Metatrader, then do an import. Probably works too if you close down all the charts for pairs you wish to import.

Kind of a problem for me because i have experts running and don't want to shut down mt4, guess could do an second install.

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Forex Forum → Help and Support → FSB history data import problems

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