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Once again I want to thank you Popov and the the rest of the members on this forum who have dedicated their time and efforts  to making Forex Strategy Builder Professional a success...This is a special request to anyone who has great deal of knowledge the Monte Carlo feature in the software and how to use it properly to generate robust and profitable EAs..If Popov or anyone else can make a detailed video tutorial about the Monte Carlo feature in FSB that  would be great..I believe we can learn  a lot from these videos..Thank you all and green pips.

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This video explains the use of Montecarlo very well. .

Personally I use only "noise" (Randomize history data box) and variable shuffling (Randomize indicator parameters) with max 200 runs. If most of the lines is not above 0, probably it is a sign that you have bad strategy. Also if your original backtest is above all other lines, it means that probably you have overfitted strategy. For me I get almost half good looking systems fail these two Montecarlo test.

I made some experiment using montecarlo this way. It showed me some improvement on strategy portfolio if tested on unseen data chunk compared with not filtered strategies.

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Thank you for the video but unfortunately this is not the kind of Monte Carlo i am referring to..I am referring to a video on Monte Carlo tool in the Forex Strategy Builder Professional and how to use it to generate profitable and robust strategies in the Forex Strategy builder professional.. Can you please make a video for us Mr Popov..Am sure Mr Popov Monte Carlo video will help a lot of traders using the software.

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All montecarlo tests randomizes something, and you can choose what you want to randomize for a purpose to find where your strategy breaks. The main thing what you want from these tests is that your strategies to be with profitable distribution (above 0). What my link talks about. smile Not much to explain, because all check boxes is self explanatory. Actually he shows and explains some in his youtube channels video, watch them all smile Definitely he shows montecarlo somewhere here … ChI_XaESZP

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I suggest using the tool a lot to gain experience with it, that will be better than a video... Irmantas has a good idea...

Monte Carlo is in more than one way a subjective concept, and it will be your personal decision to make as to how to set it up and hjow to use the results, hence you will have to use the tool a lot to make those determinations

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