Topic: Why aren't 'Signal Shift' & 'Signal Repeat' included in Optimizer?

Just trying to understand why the Optimizer doesn't include the 'Advanced Indicator Properties' - 'Signal Shift' & 'Signal Repeat'? (common to most of the 'indicators')

- The reason I ask is because I've spent a lot of time tweaking these (useful) parameters by trial and error and notice they can be significant - with the resulting settings sometimes unexpected/illogical but seemingly critical.
- So, I'm very curious to try to optimize with these parameters too.

- I get that adding more parameters adds significantly (exponentially? - hey I'm no math/stats wiz...) to the Optimizer's computations & time taken, but these could be deselected (by default).

[I suppose the same argument could be made for (or against) including other parameters e.g. 'Smoothing Method' (4 x options) and 'Base Price' (7 x options) - but I do see these aren't common to all indicators; also, with these settings, in my experience fwiw, usually only 1 combination works well.]

- Perhaps it's not a big job to add 'Signal Shift' & 'Signal Repeat' to the Optimizer..?

Any input much appreciated, thank you.

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Re: Why aren't 'Signal Shift' & 'Signal Repeat' included in Optimizer?

I am recent fan of using "signal repeat". You can make great strategies with it. Some time ago I was thinking that fsb have some limitation with some strategies, but this stuff solves it and opens doors to huge improvement for strategies creation. I would be very glad also if this future could be allowed in generator. Maybe mr Popov can think about future implementation of this, because there are demand from users smile Have a nice day

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Re: Why aren't 'Signal Shift' & 'Signal Repeat' included in Optimizer?

Hi Irmantas

Thanks for your reply and helpful input.

My query was regarding Optimizer but it may apply to Generator too.

I know Mr. Popov has a constant deluge of requests for features (apart from all our questions); as well as multiple applications to manage these days.

I guess it's a question of time/priorities; the relative value of the suggested/requested changes; as well as the (exponentially) increased quantity of 'permutations' and thus the time required for additional parameters and bigger ranges of their settings.

Here's an old thread where he explains the execution time dilemma/constraint very clearly and with some good humor : )

Thanks again and stay well!