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How can i do it faster? If i have a collection with 100 Strategies and i want to export them then i click on export all Strategies to MT4/5. But when i do this than all strategies get the same Magic Number.

Cause my opinion was.

- Generate Strats
- Export collection (now exported strat has same Magic Number)
- than i compile all strategies in metaeditor ( Now i must change here all the magic numbers. It takes too much time, is there any automatism ?

-than i put all strats on my metatrader to test it.

I wanna test all collected strategies because. I have recognised that also bad strategies on FSB can be profitable. So i wanna give all strats a chance for a test. Than i sort it out with MT4 Tracker.

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But when i do this than all strategies get the same Magic Number

I'll check that issue. Thank you for the report.

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i have checked again.

open 10 strats from my collection.

export them all with "Export all Strategies to MT4/MT5"

and the result of the 10 in metaeditor is that 6 of them have same magicnumber..the other 4 have another magic number but also the same.

it will be very nice to solve the bug. cause it take so much time to change every magic number.

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and did you check it and found the mistake

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It is not a mistake...... we have to set up the magic number individually as we attach it to a chart

As he updates FSBPro he will try to make it so that individual magic numbers will appear.... and it may be a while before he can make that revision.

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