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Hi all,
I am new to FSB Pro,after purchase and try to generate few strategy,when i load it into demo to test,the EA make no trade,anyone can help??

I generate the EA with lot size 0.1,but i change it to 0.01 when i load to demo acc to testing purpose,is that the reason the EA make no trade??

But when i run a backtest on mt4,the report show it execute more than 100 trades....

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Re: EA make no trade

If it works on the MT Tester, it must work on the Chart also. Probably you have to way for the entry conditions to be satisfied.

If you want to see how the EAs trade, make a new EA on M1 with a condition that allow an entry at every minute. For example: "Moving Average rises".

Re: EA make no trade

alright noted

Thx Mr Popov