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Topic: Does CoralTrend working properly?

I downloaded CoralTrend (by jetaro) indicator from online repository. Generator keeps me finding good looking strategies with it. Comparator and other test seems to pass. What I noticed that period variable does not work when changed. So it makes me wonder if this indicator is coded properly? Also mt4 tester do not match with entries. Maybe good results is by mistake. Does anybody checked it? Sorry jetaro for not trusting smile Today is the day when I am skeptic and looking for mistakes. Couple example strategies added. Maybe someone can check this period case, and look for major mistakes, like time machines big_smile ... Thanks!

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Re: Does CoralTrend working properly?

You might put a message on Footon Indicator thread and ask him to have a look at the indicator.

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Re: Does CoralTrend working properly?

Hi, thanks for replay. Footon already confirmed that no major mistakes with this indicator smile Have a nice day