Topic: Position sizing clarification

Dear all,

I would like a clarification when adding to positions while using fixed % position sizing.

If I use 1% position sizing,
And maximum position amount 3    -  I assume this is 3 Lots  (not 3%)
Then amount to add - 1   -   is this lots or %??

Popov - Is there a way we could change this so you can select % for both Maximum position sizing and % for adding??

Thanks smile


Re: Position sizing clarification

You are adding percentage.

Re: Position sizing clarification

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback smile 

I guess the last thing would be the maximum number of added positions,  or alternatively changing the maximum position size to %

I'll make a request in the improvement thread smile

Re: Position sizing clarification

hmmmmm changing the maximum position size to a percent could be hard to deal with....

ie percent of what..........  considering that account size is changing with each trade...... I think that is why fixed lot amount is used.

Re: Position sizing clarification

Great point - then it would be better to define it as the maximum number of add's

The situation i'm looking to avoid is systems loading up high % of available margin. If I can limit this - say 3% maximum per system - running 10 systems therefore has a possibility to utilize 30% of available margin.


Re: Position sizing clarification

I like 1 percent, small amounts

Re: Position sizing clarification

actually a 1 percent ea. trading several of them, will give a lovely income as the account builds