Topic: Working with FIFO restrictions

Hi Guys,

It seems my broker only allows me to close the oldest position on each pair -

Which basically means if i'm tradinga 5m,  1hr , 4hr  trading systems on EURUSD - the oldest position must be closed first (which may not possible in this situation)

How do you manage this  - multiple accounts with one trading system per currency pair?


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Re: Working with FIFO restrictions

Actually - it shouldnt apply with my live account (as im using practice accounts to test - and they seem to be US test accounts) hmmmm

This is from OANDA live support:  "Your live account is in OANDA Asia Pacific division, it should not bounded to FIFO rules"

That rule makes it difficult for US traders

Re: Working with FIFO restrictions

You are correct...FIFO makes it impossible to use multiple EAs on the same currency pair without a lot of custom programming.

The U.S. government claims that that rules like this "protect" stupid investors like myself from myself. They just love making regulations.