Topic: Time in position?


what exactly mean time in position?

Is this the time the ea open trades on my data horizon. Example one year data horizon when say 100% time in position the ea have made minimum one trade a day? Or it means that can have open a 6 month old open trade which is al time in position open.

When i have close logic day closing 2. Than the time in position is 50% what means it. Can i say ea open every 2nd day a position?

Re: Time in position?

                             Bars with open position
Time in position =  100 x ------------------------------
                              Total count of bars

The formula doesn't distinguish bars with deals with bars with transferred positions.

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Re: Time in position?


what does exactly meaning of time in position?

Does this mean that duration time of each position is open?
Does this mean the level of activity and taking a position?

clearly please tell me , is it better to be low or high?

Re: Time in position?

As the formula above states: the percentage of bars, which carry a position!

High or low, which is better. Well, only you can formulate your own opinion on that. What is good for you? What's your aim when trading? Do you consider it a relevant metric for your strategic vision? If so, you have to ask yourself why. And then you will arrive to the answer of your question.