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Hello Traders,

I provide data feeds to the EA Studio server from a MetaTrader terminal. It works automatically with a zero maintenance.

- A regular MT Expert Advisors running on a single chart
- No third party code or  DLLs dependencies.
- Currently it export up to 100 000 bars for 7 symbols every hour.
- Report for every upload in the MT Journal
- Shows the last time of upload at the chart.

- constantly updated data from the corresponding platform, server and time zone.
- the data set length is naturally growing with the time
- zero maintenance

There is a 290 euro / year charge to cover the server load for crunching the data files.

If you are interested in having this tool, please send me a PM.

Re: Automatic Data Feeder for EA Studio

Sorry for the newbie question -- what is the purpose of this data feed to the EA Studio server?  Isn't the EA Studio server the one that runs on Azure and does the calculations for the Portfolio Experts?   Currently it's my broker's data that gets fed to that server, right?

Re: Automatic Data Feeder for EA Studio

Steve, you are completely right about the Portfolio Expert's cloud calculation. It takes the latest bars from the EA it currently runs. However this is a different service than the EA Studio backend.

The purpose of this tool is to ensure you have new data in EA Studio for testing and developing strategies. It will upload data to the EA Studio hosting server directly and the traders will not need to download data from MT and to drag/drop on EA Studio every day.

I'm using this system to provide the demo data to EA Studio for all users. But I think it may be useful if one wants to automate the process for himself. This works per account, so the data one user uploads will be visible only in his EA Studio account.

Re: Automatic Data Feeder for EA Studio

Nice explanation -- thank you, Popov.