Topic: "Rules" For Running EA Studio?

I've noticed that when I open several instances of EA Studio in a single browser, only the displayed instance operates to any degree. So it is necessary to open only one instance per browser.

Also, when I minimize a browser, generation stops. when I restore the minimized browser, if it's not on the "Generator" tab, then that tab must be clicked before it starts generating again.

Are there any other similar "rules" I need to follow to ensure that generation is uninterrupted?


Re: "Rules" For Running EA Studio?

The browsers try to "safe" your battery, and power bill and stops the execution or reduce the speed of the not active tabs.

You can try to open several instances of Chrome (it is probably the fastest) and to have one EA Studio in an active tab in each of them.

Re: "Rules" For Running EA Studio?

Open every instance of studio in a new window, then just drag and lay them out on your desktop so you see the vital stats of each of them and that's it. I usually run 6 windows like this, but this depends how good your computer is and what browser you use.