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Topic: LTF and Generation

I would like to set up a simple generation containing four Opening Logic Conditions including one Longer Time Frame indicator (in addition to the other indicators that are calculated on the chosen Period).

Furthermore, I would like the generator to change the properties of this indicator, with the exception of the LTF setting.

For example:
1. Period is M15
2. #/Opening Logic Conditions: 4
   a. One of these OLCs should be a LTF calculated on the H1 timeframe: This indicator will be randomly changed, including the indicator itself and the parameters.
3. #/Closing Logic Conditions: 2

Can I do this? I'm aware of the LTF setting, but can I lock this while leaving the remainder of the indicator slot unlocked?


Re: LTF and Generation

Yes, you can.

In the Editor:
- set your strategy time frame.
- add the indicator(s) you want and set their LTF

In Generator:
- click twice on the LTF indicator(s). You will see a chain icon, It means that the Generator will be able to change the indicator parameters and logical rule but it will not remove it or change the  LTF settings.


Re: LTF and Generation

Thank you Miroslav. Is there any way to cause the generator to alter the indicator itself so that it becomes a different indicator?

Re: LTF and Generation

There is no way to set it to keep only the LTF settings and to change the indicator.