Topic: Running 100s of EAs

For those of you that run 100's of EAs, how do you manage all of them? Do you load 100 per MT4, each on a separate chart? If so, how long does it take MT4 (each bar) to execute all of the strategies?

Do you have any software or scripts that will automatically load a group of EAs (i.e. 100 of them) onto charts? AutoTradingAcademy produced an addon for their trade management software that does just this: "MyMT4Book EA Launcher". It's unclear exactly whether I can buy it separately from a huge training package they offer. At the very least, I would need to buy MyMT4Book AND the Launcher.

I ran across MT4 Tracker today:

This looks absolutely fanstastic, and moreso since it's free!

Any other tips or tricks?


Re: Running 100s of EAs

EA Studio  has a facility when issuing the strategies..... combines many on one ea.... and Sleytus has developed a neat program to analyze them.