Topic: Import EA back

Hi Miroslav,

I can't seem to import EAs back.  This is the case with FSB pro and with EA studio.  Also with EA studio when I tried to change the SL from none to 200, although it showed the change, the equity curve and the daily profit didn't change.  When I went to Monte Carlo and then back to editor, the stop loss was back to None.  For some reason it doesn't seem to be registering the change.

Re: Import EA back

Please attach the expert that cannot be imported. We will examine the reason.

I just checked the Stop Loss feature in EA Studio editor and found it works OK. I cannot reproduce your observations. Please use the "Share" button in the editor and give us a link to the strategy. We will inspect the Stop Loss failure.

Re: Import EA back

Hi Miroslav

I am sorry that I have asked the question but since deleted the strategy - I had not got a stoploss on the strategy so when I was unable to modify it, I got rid of it.  I shall let you know if I have the same issue in the future.

It could just be a case of refreshing the page or something.

Thank you anyway for replying.

All the best