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(Copied from Help&Support because maybe better questioned here)
The standard MT4-trade-report shows "magic number" and "comments" only when "comments" is selected, but it puts them in a second line with different formating. The same with [sl] indication.
If no comments or magic number are used it is only one line. (see attached screenshot)
When I import this 1/2-line-mixed-report into excel for certain analytic purposes this second line is very impractical and disturbing because it needs quite some work to convert it into a "one-line-format, before normal excel operations can be done.
I have tried to change the template "statement.htm" but it is "write protected" and I have tried various scrips from the I-Net but not getting to a satisfying result.
I am sure that many others have or had the same problem.
Does anyone know a handy solution please?

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