Topic: How to build a portfolio?


i like to know how you guys build a portfolio of some EAs?

Is that possible that i have one EA on one Chart e.g Symbol EURUSD 5MIN with one Magicnumber. Then i put another EA on EURUSD 5MIN and another and another.

Is there an opportunity to say. All my different EAs working but have special Input paramter only for portfolio. Example only risk of Portfolio 5%. Is that possible in FSB?

How it is working building Portfolio? Is it better to have one good EA or better run some good EA?

Re: How to build a portfolio?

Yes you can have multiple EA's of the same instrument on one chart. You must however be sure to create a unique magic number for each EA.

Within FSB there is a portfolio viewer, you select all the strategies you want in your portfolio and it will give you the backtest results of the total combined selected strategies. This will show you the maximum DD% etc.

If you want to keep the DD% lower or higher, within the portfolio you will need to create strategies that meet your criteria and then play around with the lot/% percentage amount you wish to use per trade.

You will need to trade to your own personal approach, it is commonly believed that a diversified portfolio is more advantageous to a single strategy. That is something you will need to discover along your trading journey. Take a look at FXSB on youtube there are some good videos that will help you get started.

Re: How to build a portfolio?

thanks for reply. i think about to put all my strategies in one portfolio.. the portfolio will be an ea. where i can set settings. and this settings will be availalble for all strategies.

Re: How to build a portfolio?

You can try EA studio, there is a portfolio tool that imports all strategies into a single EA. You can have upto 100 strategies running in ONE EA.