Topic: Spread question for exported data files

Looks like the spread gets stored in the generated files and that it's based off the fixed value that's in the export script ie 10 points by default.  There's also the bid and ask prices stored in those files so I'm not sure if that gets factored in or not.

In any case for forex it's pretty obvious what a point represents but I'm experimenting with trying something on a bitcoin cfd where for example the current bid/ask is "bid":2204.30,"ask":2213.20 so I'm not sure what would represent the spread in points there where there's an $8.90 spread.  Would that be 890 points or something else?  Also, is the general way to modify that spread by hacking the mq4 file or is there a smarter way?

Re: Spread question for exported data files

when you extract the data from MT4, you set the spread by changing the script.

ie some of my currency pairs are 3 pip or 5 pip or 7 pip....... I have a script for each of those.

Hope that helps

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Re: Spread question for exported data files

You have to set the spread as 890 or to round it to 900 points.

Currently the app is not using the provided bid and ask prices. They are available here to provide future compatibility if someday the app starts trading smile for example.