Topic: Question about MultiTester

I run the generator for several hours to create a bunch of strategies.  In fact, since I like RossHook I lock that down as the Opening Point.  In the end, all the strategies in my new Collection use RossHook.

I then apply MultiTester -- changing only the symbol from EURUSD to USDCHF -- to create a new Collection.  My expectation is that this new Collection will use the original Collection as a guide, but this time using USDCHF data.

The new USDCHF Collection includes some nice strategies however, to my surprise, they appear to be totally unrelated to the original Collection.  The original Collection always uses RossHook as the Opening Point, but the new Collection never uses RossHook.  It is as if the new Collection created by the MultiTester for USDCHF started from scratch.

One additional observation -- the new Collection created by MultiTester is much better than a collection randomly created by the generator.  So, it certainly is taking advantage of the original Collection in some way.  But, what happened to my RossHook Opening Point?

Re: Question about MultiTester

The Multi Tester cannot change the indicators in the collection's strategies. Are you sure you test the RossHook collection?

Re: Question about MultiTester

Popov -- you are correct.  Sorry to bother you about this.  It was my fault.

At the top of MultiTester under Strategy Source there are two radio buttons -- 'Collection' and 'Folder', and I had 'Folder' selected instead of 'Collection'.

Now that I am using it correctly, the MultiTester works well and is generating some nice USDCHF strategies from the original EURUSD collection.

Thank you for setting me straight...