Topic: EA_Studio: Stop Loss issue

Hi Popov,

Thank you for your powerful EA studio and the continuous improvements you have added on. 

I have been using EA Studio since Feb of this year.  I have notice a behavior on the STOP LOSS setting under the REACTOR INPUTS/STRATEGY PROPERTIES/STOP LOSS.  I usually set my STOP LOSS = ALWAYS USE and set the Min(pips)=10 and Max(pips)=20. However when the strategies are collected under the COLLECTION tab it shows the generated strategies's  STOP LOSS is notr between 10-20 pips but always higher.  Attached below are images of my Strategy Properties page and the image of a calculated Strategy indicating the STOP LOSS.

Re: EA_Studio: Stop Loss issue

this is the second image with a calculated strategy with stop loss.

Re: EA_Studio: Stop Loss issue

The limits you set are only for the Generator.
If you are using Optimization of protections, it has own range for the SL and TP and may exceed the Generator's limits.