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I've been testing an EA in a Demo Account for a few weeks.  It trades fine.  This evening I opened a second MT4 terminal and connected to my Live account.  Both Demo and Live accounts are running in their own terminal sessions and receiving data.  They are connected to Demo and Real servers, respectively.

The EA in the Demo account continues to trade.  The EA in the Live account attempts to open a trade, but fails with error "Trade Context is Busy".  I've done some Googling -- I've read this could be caused by multiple copies of the same EA issuing a request at the same time, or it could be a server-side issue.  I don't think it is a client-side issue because there is only one copy of the EA running.  Plus, if it were a client-side issue of one EA blocking another then at least one trade request would get through.  However, no trades are occurring on my Live Account while EAs are trading on my Demo Account.

I contacted the broker's technical support and they say it is a problem with the EA.  Though I'm a US client, this is a foreign account, so I don't think there is any regulatory issues going on.  This is a simple H1 EA -- no scalping or anything funny.

Do you have any experience with this kind of problem?  If the EA trades in the Demo Account shouldn't it also trade in the Live Account.  I understand the results may differ, but it should at least trade without the transaction's request failing -- right?

By the way, the broker is FxGlory -- they accept US clients.  I read reviews about them -- most were positive and their online help is responsive.


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By the way -- I forgot to mention that trading manually does work.

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I have no idea about FxGlory, probably a small broker without a ton of cash to manage orders.

So...... if they can not hedge your order at the time, they will not take that order and will give you some weird message.....

Maybe best to investigate trading with a large broker.

This is just part of the Forex game, just one tiny aspect of the reality of cheating and fraud and misdeeds.

As you know, FxGlory is registered in St Vincent and regulated by the town official...... who is probably an employee of the company...

I strongly suggest that you investigate using a real broker, one that is regulated by other than a local person who gets paid for issuing regostrations which mean nothing.

You will save yourself a lot of aggravation in future by using a real broker instead of a wee tiny bucketshop in some country that no one has been to.

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Thanks -- appreciate your response.   I'll move on to a different broker.

My arrival at FxGlory was a bit circuitous.  I've been using FSBPro for about 1.5 months now.  Out of the box, the first EAs I created always added / reduced a position.  When I began to use these in my Oanda Demo Account I encountered lots of errors -- complaining about hedging, FIFO, etc.  Yes -- I'm a US client.  With footon's help we realized the errors were probably caused by NFA regulations imposed on US brokers.

It turns out that with a US account it is not possible to run more than one EA for a particular symbol.  That is, in the eyes of NFA and US brokers they can't distinguish different EAs.  So, if I have two EAs trading EURUSD/H1 then they end up stepping on one another.  Running multiple terminal sessions is not a solution.  The only way around this problem is to create multiple "subaccounts" and open each subaccount in its own terminal session.  And then I can run a single EURUSD/H1 per subaccount.  This is a real pain.  Also, it puts me at a big disadvantage because a strategy that can add / reduce a position is *much* more profitable than one that can only open and close.

So, I began looking for non-US brokers that would accept US clients.  Good luck finding one.  Almost none do -- with few exceptions, and certainly none of the established brokers.  In the end I found 3 -- one of which is FxGlory.  Since I wanted to use the FSB-generated EAs, I decided to bite the bullet and take the risk.

Now that I am more familiar with FSB and know how to prevent a position from being added to or reduced, that is how I configure all the EAs from this point on.  My EAs are less profitable, but it does keep things simpler and allows me to run some EAs with Oanda.  Also, I like using EA Studio and the strategies it generates do not add / reduce a position, so I've been experimenting with it more.

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IMHO  You have made a great choice... they have an office that is not too far from me and I have been there a few times... seen the people working and was quite impressed that such a large firm is not extravagant with their office....

I had a situation a couple years ago which required the support staff to do me quite a favor...... and they were so gracious and did what I needed.... quicker than I expected.

Their data is great for FSBPro and they have a lot of it available.....

I could go on and on about them hahaha

My 'secret' goal is to push EA Studio until I can net 3000 pips per day....

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Excellent -- that is good to hear.  The experiences you pass along help to fill-in the years of experience I don't have.  Thank you.