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When running the generator in FSB I'll periodically check the new strategies -- and usually everything looks fine.  But I do run into some odd behavior from time-to-time.  Take a look at the attached image.  The highlighted strategy in the repository looks fairly decent, but when I select it then the backtesting result that displays in 'Account Statistics' is totally unrelated.  Furthermore, when I double-click the selected strategy to create a new tab in the Editor, then what I get is the bad version.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?

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Re: Repository bug????

I think you Search Strategies wit OOS.

When you use OOS, then the Strategie shows without the OOS Datas and when you click to see the Strategie, then it is with all Data.

Hope you understand my bad Englisch smile

Re: Repository bug????

go to the graph of the one u want to look at...... click on it so it turns blue. then double-click on it to open a separate instance...

I think you did not open a separate instance to examine the chosen strategy.

Try that. if that does not work...... let us know.

Re: Repository bug????

Yes -- when I double-click to open a new instance then I get the bad strategy, not the nice looking one shown in the Repository's chart.  I wonder whether behind the scenes there are two lists that keep track of strategies and they are out of sync.

Another point -- as I go down the list of strategies in the Repository and select each one, then sometimes it will match with the one under 'Account Statistics' and sometimes it won't.  Again, suggesting two lists that are partially out of sync.

One thing different about this collection -- for the past week I've been starting / stopping the generator and sometimes changing the settings, but accumulating into the same collection.  Also, sometimes when doing Multi-Testing there is a crash which then forces me to exit FSB and restart it and the generator.  But when the generator restarts the settings are different than before, so I stop it and change the settings again and restart the generator.  In other words, it hasn't been a clean run.

Rantampla -- thanks for your response.  I do not think it is OOS.  I am using 30% OOS but that means that 70% should match.  But in this case the two charts are 100% different.  Also, the stats for the two charts are completely different.

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Ok, strange, by me was the Problem, that OOS in Searching other then when Strategy open. But i have understand it was not the full Datetimes for Show in finish after search.

ok, hope you find a fix for Problems.

Re: Repository bug????

Another "data point" -- I think I know the cause of the problem.  As I mentioned this was not a clean run -- i.e. I've been accumulating strategies into the same collection for the past week.  Mostly I use EURUSD, but the strategies in the Repository that don't match with what is shown in 'Account Statistics' are USDJPY.  So, my collection is a mix of EURUSD and USDJPY, and the USDJPY ones cause the problem.

Re: Repository bug????

Might be best to stick to one time frame and one instrument for a week or so and then make a new setup so that there is not confusion

Re: Repository bug????

Yep -- not a problem...  Now that I know it may be problematical to mix Symbols in a collection, I'll pay better attention to avoid that.

As an FYI, when using Multi-Testing to test robustness, FSB makes it easy to change the Symbol and Timeframe.  If you don't also change the output collection then, again, you may end up with a collection that is a mixture of Symbols and Timeframes.