Topic: Advance Indicators from Forex Strategy Builder

Hope you can help me with this:

I have found quite advance indicators from FSB software... which usually seems to be regular indicators from MT4 but they are not...
but, prob is I can't use these indicators from FSB to MT4 as those are MQH file format!!!

Smoothing method: Simple
Base price: Median
Signal line method: Exponential
Slow MA period: 50
Fast MA period: 62
Signal line period: 19

Here, in regular MACD indicator I didn'r find any settings like "Smoothing period or Signal line method or Signal line period"

Commodity Channel Index
Smoothing method: Simple
Base price: Median
Smoothing period: 98
Level: 992
Multiplier: 0.967

Same here for CCI, as I never seen settings like these!

I have MQH files of these indicators (attached) but couldn't able to use these in MT4 platform

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Re: Advance Indicators from Forex Strategy Builder

You can use the charts built into FSBPro to see the indicators on a chart.

The FSBPro indicators are not designed for MT4 and there is no reason to need indicators on MT4 chart

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Re: Advance Indicators from Forex Strategy Builder

We created FSB because of the weakness of MT. It is normal FSB to be superior in many cases.

If you want, you can recreate our indicators for MT, but you don't need to do it. Our experts include the corresponding MQL code of our indicators.

We also considered that some users may want to compare our indicators with the standard MT ones, so we customized the formulas in away that the default parameters of the FSB indicators to match the MT indicators.