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I can not find the Settings for Spread in EA Studio.

It makes all with Spread 10, but few Minor Pairs have bigger Spread.

Can i change that?

Thank you, Marcus

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The Spread and all other market settings are included in the data file you export from MT.
The script for exporting data "EA Studio Data Export.mq4" has a setting for the Spread.

Edit the scrip in the MT editor and change the spread figure on line number 10.

When we are ready, click the "Compile" button.

Now, when you export new files, you will have the new spread set.

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Thank you for helping.

But is that now a Spread Filter, when Spread over....then not open Trades?

Or mean you, then i can it load back to EA Studio and make new Test with Spread 20?

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Yes, new test, data is with new spread, no filter.

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Ok, but it is not possible it in Settings in EA Studio before Generator run? I mean that the Generator with Spread 20 run, the same what i can set in FSB Pro?

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No, data comes with fixed spread, you define the spread in the script (as in post nr 2), import the data from MT to Studio and then develop, run the generator etc.

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sorry now i have it understand.

Not the finsih EA is mean, the Data Export Tool is mean.

My Englisch.... smile

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I may add a setting for overriding the exported spread.

Also I'll add setting for Start and End of the trading session because of some ECN brokers.:
Session start: 00:05
Session end: 23:55

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Now i have understand.

Very much Thanks smile